Actuated Hygienic Valves

Single acting air Actuators for Butterfly Valves from stock. Available with control tops or Proximity Switches, our automation packages offer great value for money with convenient set up and installation.

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DIN Aseptic Fittings

A range of Aseptic DIN11864 fittings from 1" to 4" from stock. Ideal if you need a higher level of cleanliness from a threaded union.

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Clamp Ferrules - Short & Long

We offer a range of Clamp Ferrules to BS4825 in 21.5mm, 28mm & 44.5mm lengths. Supplied in grade 316/L with the option of 3.1/3.1b mill certificates.

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    The success of the company is founded on providing a quality product from stock at a competitive price.

    Welding Stainless Steel

    Welding Stainless Steel

    Our workshop is capable of creating fully hygienic welds with a quick lead time. The experienced fabricators are able to create a wide range of bespoke fittings and adaptors for your every need.

    We can also offer full fabrications based on technical drawings and try to work with a rule of 'if you can draw it, we can make it'

    Of course we are not always perfect, if there is something we can't make we can normally help to find an alternative solution.

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    Hygienic Plain End Dairy Fittings

    Hygienic Plain End Dairy Fittings

    Huge Stock Quantities kept for the full range of hygienic Bends, tees & Reducers.

    All fittings intended for the pharmaceutical industry which means quality is a top priority with our manufacturer and can’t be rivalled.

    Items stocked for all requirements, our bends are available in 8 different variations.

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