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High quality hygienic piping systems, from stock, at competitive prices. Call 01275 408901

Material Handler

A Material Handler, or Package Handler moves and distributes products, stock and other materials for a business.

What does a Material Handler do?

Material Handlers receive materials and move them to the places they need to be. They also maintain materials records to make sure the business’ stock is always accurate. Material Handlers make sure materials are handled and disposed of safely. They also make sure all the company’s departments have the materials they need to work productively with and fulfil the customer needs. Material Handlers are a key part of a business supply chain.

There are Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Material Handlers. Hazardous Material Handlers handle hazardous materials including toxic chemicals and radioactive materials. Non-Hazardous Material Handlers handle materials that are not dangerous, such as steel and products.

Material Handler skills and qualifications

Material Handlers use a variety of skills to handle materials safely and legally. A successful Material Handlers will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications that typically include:

  • In-depth understanding of health, safety and environmental requirements for material handling
  • Attention to detail for the accurate fulfillment of material requests and record-keeping
  • Computer literacy, including using ERP systems
  • Verbal and written communication skills for understanding requests and responding to material requests
  • Basic computer literacy, including familiarity with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, or similar word processing and spreadsheet  programs
  • Numeracy skills for accurate record keeping and calculations

Material Handler experience requirements

Material Handlers do not need any experience for this role. However, some businesses may prefer hiring Material Handlers with warehouse experience. Candidates with this experience are usually comfortable completing materials documentation and using ERP systems. Businesses in technical fields, such as pharmaceutical or medical sectors, may prefer candidates with industry experience. Experience handling hazardous materials is also usually preferred in roles requiring hazardous material management.

Material Handler education and training requirements

Material Handlers do not need extensive education as most of the training  takes place on the job. Some businesses ask for candidates with GCSEs Grade C or above, as this shows an aptitude for learning. In addition, candidates usually need a clean driving licence to safely transport materials. A forklift licence is also helpful. However, most businesses will help the right candidate acquire this.

Businesses employing Material Handlers have mandatory training programs. These initiatives teach new recruits health, safety and environmental requirements for material handling. Hazardous Material Handlers need additional HAZMAT training. These programmes may be run internally or outsourced. Some programmes qualify participants for accreditation. Employers can feel confident candidates with qualifications such as Materials Handling and PLANT Equipment Training Accreditation are already competent.

Material Handler salary expectations

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