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High quality hygienic piping systems, from stock, at competitive prices.
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High quality hygienic piping systems, from stock, at competitive prices. Call 01275 408901

Hygienic Strainers for a large cheese manufacturer

We were contacted by a large cheese manufacturer, regarding the performance of the rubber seals in SMS Unions. During production, the seals were reacting adversely to the processing environment and were degrading, resulting in small pieces of rubber coming loose. The client needed to ensure that the batch of seals provided, would not be subject to quick degradation and cause rubber to be mixed into their final product. And we couldn’t of agreed more! So we looked at the option of installing our Hygienic Stainless Steel Strainer.

To get clarity of exactly what was happening and why, we thought it best to organise for a site visit. The purpose of this was to review their processes, ranging from maintenance to installation and cleaning, to ensure that the correct course was being taken and wasn’t increasing the likelihood of these seals degrading. For example, seal degradation can happen if a particular chemical is used within the cleaning process, that is too acidic for the material of the seal. Each material has different capabilities of withstanding temperature, pressure, acids and of course aging of the seal increases the likelihood of degradation. Therefore, it’s important for us to provide the correct material for the job.

The result was also an addition of several Filter assemblies by Pipeline Products, to ensure any small pieces of rubber that may break off, are not introduced into the product. Some modifications were also made to the cleaning practices on the clients side. The whole project took about 10 days from start to finish, with minimal capital outlay solved a considerable problem.

Pipeline Products stock a wide range of union specific seals in various materials, that are suitable for many different applications. Our Hygienic Stainless Steel Strainer units offer flexibility and have a wide range of element sizes to choose from to suit your application.

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