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High quality hygienic piping systems, from stock, at competitive prices.
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High quality hygienic piping systems, from stock, at competitive prices. Call 01275 408901

About Pipeline Products


As a company we aim to employ locally as often as possible. This works well for staff development and ensures that travel requirements are at a minimum which is good for all of us.

Over the years we have sponsored a wide variety of local causes from Rugby club advertising boards, resurfacing club car parks, supporting the local pre-school, charity sports events and more.

Check back in with this page and our social media to see what we are working on at any time.

Manchester Marathon.
In the spirit of giving back to our community, we recently took a step towards supporting a great cause. Back in April, we sponsored one of our valued customers to participate in the Manchester Marathon.

For us, corporate sponsorship is more than just a financial contribution. It displays a commitment to making a positive impact on our community.

The marathon took just over 4 hours to complete and went really well for the participants. The team raised a total of £3,274.09, and we are incredibly proud of everyone who took part.

At Pipeline Products, we are grateful for the chance to partake events like this and sponsor those around us. Our customer selected a variety of charities in the local area to donate the money to. Our customer explained, ‘We have family and friends who have relied on these services, so it is important to give back to enable them to keep providing the vital resources to our communities’.

Race for Life – Cancer Research.
During the month of July, we had the privilege of sponsoring one of our cherished customers in their participation in the 10k Race for Life, a remarkable event dedicated to raising funds for Cancer Research.

At Pipeline Products, we appreciate the opportunity to participate in events like this and to be able to proudly sponsor one of our customers, in supporting a cause that is close to many of our hearts.

The Race for Life took place in July, and all 3 participants did incredibly well!

After hearing our customers feedback from the event, they informed us we were in the top 5 fundraisers for the 10k race. Our customer expressed their gratitude by stating, ‘Many thanks for your generous donation, it will without doubt make a difference to so many people.’

We look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in our local communities

Hygienic Strainers for a large cheese manufacturer

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