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High quality hygienic piping systems, from stock, at competitive prices.
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High quality hygienic piping systems, from stock, at competitive prices. Call 01275 408901

Case Studies

Hygienic Strainers for a large cheese manufacturer

Stainless Steel Strainers
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We were contacted by a large cheese manufacturer, regarding the performance of the rubber seals in SMS Unions.

Angle Duplex Strainer for a large manufacturing company

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A large manufacturing company needed several Pump Protection Filters, made to their specification which included a Duplex System.

Flow Plate for local large scale brewery

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We were asked to manufacture a Flow Plate for a local large scale brewery.

Flow Plate manufacturing for Hygienic Routing.

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We were asked to provide several multi-port Flow-Plates for routing applications for a large UK Brewery.

Y Type Duplex Strainer

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A global manufacturer of consumer packaging, approached us with a requirement of a pump protection filter.

Bespoke Tube Section

Made to drawing
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An independent stainless steel stockist approached us to fabricate a Bespoke section, made from tube and bends.

Bespoke Schedule Bends

Made to order
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An engineering contractor approached us with a requirement for Bespoke Bends.

Agitator for Milk Processing

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A prominent milk processor came to us looking for a number of agitators.

Blending solution for Dairy application

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A large Dairy production company in the South West of England, came to us with a requirement for a Hygienic Blender.

Automated dairy product manufacturing equipment

United Emirates
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A company based in the United Arab Emirates, wanted to implement a production and bottling plant for their products.

Plant for batch production of mayonnaise

Saudi Arabia
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A fast food chain from Saudi Arabia needed a very specific kind of plant for the production of their mayonnaise

Product Recovery System with Inoxpa

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We were asked to offer on a product recovery system, for a UK dairy manufacturer.

New production line for The Bollati Family, Italy

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The Davines Group, (located in Italy), needed a new production line to develop a new gel, shampoo and cream.

Optimal Cleaning

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A dairy processing company contacted Inoxpa for a technical solution to their cleaning process.

Production line for Calidad Pascual

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One of the largest dairy companies in Spain contacted Inoxpa, for a project to produce different dairy products.
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