Product Recovery System with Inoxpa

We were asked to offer on a product recovery system, for a UK dairy manufacturer. Working closely with Inoxpa for many years, we enquired as to which system they provide would work best for the application. Due to the thickness of the product passing through; a coconut flavoured yoghurt, delicious! We organised a sample of it to be sent to Inoxpa, to ensure the system would successfully clear all product from the pipeline. When it was tested, Inoxpa confirmed it would do the job effectively and we were able to progress onto the next stage. However, Inoxpa are located in Spain, so how could we ensure proficiency and accomplish a successful end result? Simple. We flew out to Inoxpa’s factory in Banyoles!

We started the project with a tour of the factory and of the pilot plant. This allowed us and our partners to gain perspective on the facilities available and efficiency of the application and how it would operate. The objective of a product recovery system, or ‘Pigging System’ is to recover any product left over at the end transfer process whilst saving energy and water. They are typically used in the food industry, as well as in cosmetic factories and as you can imagine, in the cosmetic industry products can be of high value, so recovering as much product as possible is vital. Inoxpa were able to offer either a Steripig or Silpig system to suit the application, giving us the choice of either a hydraulic or magnet launching mechanism.

We opted for the Steripig system, because of the thickness of the yoghurt that would be passing through. This system contains a sphere inside the tubing which is positioned by and external magnet. The sphere is driven by compressed air, down the pipeline, allowing for completely hygienic and effective product recovery. Once we were able to determine the Steripig system was best suited, it was time to get stuck in.

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