Inoxpa 6400 Ball Valve

Two-position handle
Easily interchangeable manual handles and pneumatic or electrical actuators
Half-bodies exchangeable with any connection type
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Sanitary ball valves, whether manually or automatically actuated, are used mainly with viscous fluids containing solid particles, and, generally, in applications requiring an unobstructed flow. Suitable for the food-processing, beverage, wine-making, oil-making, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Operating principle

The ball valve can be operated automatically with a ball valve actuator or manually with a handle. The handle blocks the valve in the “open” or “closed” position. The actuator transforms the axial movement of the piston into a 90º rotary movement which it transmits to the ball

Design and features

Compact and robust design.
Available in sizes DN 25/1″ to DN 100/4″.
Two-position handle.
Easily interchangeable manual handles and pneumatic or electrical actuators.
Low pressure losses.
Half-bodies exchangeable with any connection type.
DIN 11851 connections.
Marking of seals allows traceability:


Ball: AISI 316L / 316
Flanges: AISI 316L / 316 (forged)
Gasket: EPDM according to FDA 177.2600
Handle: AISI 304 / PP
Surface finish: Hygienic polish


Valve in AISI 304.
Seals in NBR, VMQ or FPM.
All of them according to FDA 177.2600
Connections: welding, DIN, Clamp, SMS, RJT, FIL-IDF, etc.
Handle, lever, safety handle with lock etc.
Single- or double-acting pneumatic actuator
or electrical actuator.
Position sensors (micro-switches or inductive).
C-TOP control head.
Cleaning and drainage connections.
Third hole

Inoxpa 6400 Ball Valve Instruction Manual