Brewery Pumps

General-purpose pump
Reliability and long service life expected as standard
Ideal for water & low viscosity liquids
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Inoxpa pumps for Brewery applications

In order to take the hassle out of pump specifications we have identified some standard models of Estampinox pump aimed at a range of processing scenarios within brewing, the intention is that you (the customer) can match the application to the pump not the other way round.  Whilst this method isn’t as exact as completing a full pump questionnaire it will provide you with a basic pump that you can match yourselves at a competitive price.


The Estampinox EFI pump is a general-purpose pump ideally suited for the small applications where 100% hygienic characteristics are not required. Small breweries and distilleries often use these for material transfer and discharge applications. It’s a truly basic pump with Inoxpa quality and efficiency built in, so reliability and long service life are expected as standard.

The Estampinox EFI pump is a stainless-steel centrifugal pump ideal for the transfer of water and other low viscosity liquids. It is designed to cater for the needs of auxiliary services in the food-processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and wine-making industries.

Estampinox EFI is a range of close-coupled centrifugal pumps. It is made of a cold-formed stainless-steel casing, open impeller manufactured with stainless steel cold-formed plate or investment casting (according to model), mechanical seal, pump, cover, lantern and shaft. Estampinox EFI centrifugal pump is provided with an internal single mechanical seal.

All Motors are in compliance with the IEC standards, 2 poles = 3000/3600 rpm, efficiency class according to EC regulation, IP 55 protection and F-class insulation.

Provided in 5 sizes which cover the basic flow requirements of the small user, also supplied with RJT ends as standard.


Please refer to the information regarding sizes and the pump curves that follow.

The range is based on the customer choosing the pump without advice.

If you would prefer a fully specified pump for your application please contact us for a pump questionnaire.

Model No                            Impeller Dia                        Motor Kw


EFI 0                                       90mm                   .37Kw Up to 10m Head, 5.5m3h

Pump Report EFI0

EFI 1                                       98mm                   .75Kw Up to 12m Head, 13.5m3h

Pump Report EFI1

EFI 2                                       125mm                 2.2Kw Up to 20m Head, 31m3h

Pump Report EFI2 125

EFI 2                                      135mm                 2.2Kw Up to 24m Head, 22.5m3h

Pump Report EFI2 135

EFI 3                                       130mm                 4.0Kw Up to 21m Head, 51m3h

Pump Report EFI3