Hygienic Weld Fittings

  • Hygienic Bends

    316 or 304 - ISO, BS & 3A standards all from stock in 1, 1.5, 2, 3 & 5D radius.  We even keep a mandrel bent 180 bend.
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  • Tees, Y Piece, Seagull, Swept Tee

    Equal, pulled, reducing, swept, seagull or Y-Piece.  We have every tee combination you could need.
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  • Cone Ecc

    Reducing Cones

    Concentric & Eccentric Hygienic cones in sizes from 1/2" through to 154mm.  All dull polished Stainless Steel 316.
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  • IDF Hose Liner


    Weldable Hose Tails for use with a variety of delivery & transfer hoses.  Well suited to use with our range of Jubilee Clips.
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  • Cross

    Equal and Pulled Hygienic Cross available in standard dimensions or made to your specification.
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  • DIN11852 Equal Tee

    DIN11852 Metric Fittings

    DIN standard metric Bends, Tees & Cones for Hygienic applications.
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  • Dome End Cap

    Dome End Cap

    A range of Imperial Stainless Steel End Caps for use with Dairy Fittings.
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  • Fitted Bends

    Hygienic bends with a range of end connections.  RJT & Clamp as standard or manufactured to your specification.
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